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General FAQ

Where is Prep'd Located?

How Long Do Prep'd Meals Keep?

  • Most our meals have a fridge life of 7 days. 

  • Each meal comes with Best By Date printed on the Nutrition Label.

How Many Ounces of Protein Are In Small & Large Portions? 

  • Small portions contain 4oz of protein.

  • Large portions have 6oz of protein

Can Meals Be Frozen?

  • Most of our meals can be frozen for up to 30 days.

  • We do not recommend freezing fish entrees, or wraps with veggies.

Who Makes The Food?

  • All our meals are prepared in a commercial kitchen by professional chefs.

  • The whole operation from kitchen to you is regulated by the Health Department.

Do You Offer Dairy Free/Nut Free/ Gluten Free Meals?

  • Although we cannot guarantee a 100% Allergen Free cooking environment, we do have entrees that are free of those items.

  • If you have a food allergy, please feel free reach out to us & we will help identify meals that are free of those ingredients.

  • View & shop Dairy Free Meals

  • View & shop Gluten Free Meals 

What If I Have Food Allergies?

  • We take every precaution we can to avoid cross contamination, but cannot guarantee there won’t be any cross contamination.

  • Many of our popular meals contain dairy, wheat, & other common allergens. Use caution when ordering. 

  • We encourage you to contact us before placing order so we can help ensure your meals are safe for you.

  • Contact Us:





Do You Offer Vegan/Vegetarian options?

  • At this time, we do not offer vegetarian or vegan meals.

How Far Do You Deliver?

  • We deliver up to 25miles from Prep'd Tulsa.

  • We offer State Wide Shipping as well.

What Are Your Store Hours?

Subscription FAQ

Setting Up A New Subscription
  • Setting up a subscription is easy! Go through the regular ordering process.

  • On the Checkout Page, simply check the box located below Sub Total that says "Subscribe & Save" .

  • Choose the frequency & day of the week you want your meals.

  • Select how you want to receive your meals, FreeIn Store Pickup, Local Delivery, or Contactless Delivery.

  • This video takes you through the process of setting up a subscription.

Adding Products to a Subscription
  • Login to Your Account

  • Go to the Product you wish to add

  • Select "Add To Exiting Subscription" Located directly below Add To Cart button.

  • Confirm the updated shipping rate by clicking "Add"

  • Here is a video that walks you through each step.

Removing Products & Editing Quantities on a Subscription

  • Login to Your Account

  • Go to "My Account"  if you were not automatically redirected after signing in.

  • Click on "Manage Subscription" 

  • Within your Manage Subscription Page, go to "Products in Your Subscription"

  • From here you can Remove Products entirely. 

    -Only remove 1 products at a time to ensure it updates. After adding updated shipping rate you can continue removing the next product.

  • To Update Quantity, click on "Edit Quantity". 

    -You  can update the quantity on multiple products, then select Update Quantity, & Save Changes once shipping rates load.

  • This video takes you through the process of Editing Quantities & Removing Product from subscriptions.

Pausing A Subscription

  • Login to Your Account

  • Go to "My Account"  if you were not automatically redirected after signing in.

  • Click on "Manage Subscription" 

  • Locate the Subscription Status in the bottom right corner of the top section, that overviews all your subscription details.

  • Simply select the hyperlink "Pause Subscription"

  • Your subscription is now paused. To reactivate, simply select the same section, the hyperlink will say "Resume Subscription" when subscription is paused.

  • This video takes you through the process of pausing a subscription.

Skipping An Upcoming Subscription Order

  • Login to Your Account

  • Go to "My Account"  if you were not automatically redirected after signing in.

  • Click on "Manage Subscription" 

  • Scroll down to the  Manage Upcoming Orders & expand the section.

  • From here, simply select the hyperlink "Skip Order"

  • You have skipped that order now. To Resume Order, simply select "Resume Order".

  • This video takes you through the process of skipping an order.

Prep'd Rewards

What Is Prep'd Rewards?
  • With Prep'd Rewards, you earn Points which can be redeemed on great savings and rewards!

  • Earn points with every Prep'd purchase & Redeem Points for Discounts & Free Products

How Do I Start Earning Points?
  • To Start Earning Points, You'll Need To Set Up a Prep'd Account

  • Earn points with every Prep'd purchase when you are logged into your account

  • Earn On In Store Purchases by mentioning you have a rewards account to our associate

How Do I Redeem Points?
  • Once you've earned enough points, Redeem them for discounts, store credit, or free products both in-store and online!

  • *To Redeem Points Online

    1) Login To Your Account

    2) Click on the Rewards Icon - It looks like a present

    3) Click on Redeem Points Section

    4) Select what reward you would like to redeem.

    5) Save the Discount Code automatically generated.

    6) Apply your unique discount code at checkout on your next Prep'd Purchase.

  • **You can view unused Rewards in the Discount Codes section.

  • Subscription Orders - To Redeem Points

    1) Follow the Steps above to select the Reward you wish to Redeem Points on

    2) Email the discount code you wish to apply to orders@prepdtulsa.com to apply discounts to upcoming orders